Parent Organizations


Bilingual Advisory Committee

Provides Parents of English Learners with a voice in their child's education.


(Parent Advisory Council)

Parent Advisory Councils provide our parents with a voice in their child's education.


Local School Council

Local School Councils serve as the policy-making body of the school.

Chris White

Chris White



McCutcheon Elementary School in Uptown Chicago is a place that students call home, where students grow not only as scholars but as individuals. The staff prepare students to be successful members of society as a diverse community comprised of 15.5% Asian, 44.0% Black, 26.9% Hispanic, 9.1% White, and 4.5% Other and unique needs including 90.9% low income, 36.9% diverse learners, 48.5% limited English, and 9.7% mobility rate.

Despite the challenges faced by our community, students come ready to learn. When visitors come to classrooms, they are struck by the level of warmth, care and community. This allows each student to be fully engaged in their learning as academic excellence is the expectation for all. McCutcheon Elementary School strives to be the hub of the community and a place where all are welcome.