Ms. Villalobos

Megan Shea Villalobos

STEAM Coordinator

Hi McCutcheon Family!

I am so honored to be the STEAM Coordinator at our AMAZING school. This is our 4th year as a specialized STEAM school, and each year, we improve.

All About Me
I have been a teacher at McCutcheon for 10 years. I was a third-grade teacher for many years before becoming the STEAM Teacher. I love the students, families, and Uptown community.

My last name was changed to Villalobos, but everyone still calls me Ms Shea. I go by either Ms. Villalobos, Ms. Shea, or Ms. Shea-Villalobos. 🙂 I have two boys that keep me on my toes. Matthew is three years old, and Miles is one year old. I am always trying new ways to engage our students and integrate STEAM into every classroom.

I love to partner with outside organizations to strengthen our program.

Please email me any questions, comments, ideas, suggestions, or concerns.

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