Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking, and Creativity

What is STEAM?

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Our approach prioritizes:


Project and Problem Based Learning


Design Thinking


Interdisciplinary Curriculum


Integration of Fine, Media, and Performing Arts

Our dedicated art, music, and STEAM teachers provide a rich educational experience for our kids. Beyond classroom learning, we hold regular performances, concerts, and art expos where students can showcase their creative talents to parents and the community.


Our STEAM Philosophy

McCutchen-student thinking

Tackle Complex Questions and Find Solutions

McCutchen-female student working

Nurture Knowledgeable, Flexible, and Resourceful Problem Solvers

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Foster a Collaborative, Risk-taking, Creative Culture

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Communicate Their Understanding of Disciplinary Ideas

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Family STEAM Challenges

Each month we launch a new STEAM project to engage both students and families. These projects stimulate higher-level thinking, as they encourage planning, testing, and design improvement. Keep an eye out for guiding questions to fuel your child’s creative thinking.

We Have a Brand New Art Studio and a $10,000 Renovated Music Room!

McCutchen-Art room

Facilities & Resources


2 STEAM staff


2 STEAM labs


new art studio


new music room




3D printers


Smart Boards

Family STEAM Challenges

We will be having STEAM Family Projects each month. These projects promote higher level thinking processes. As students construct their creations, they are encouraged to plan, test and improve designs to the best of their ability. Students will be inventing, designing, organizing, discovering, creating, constructing, and producing products that are relevant in real life!

Project instructions will be given at the beginning of the month. Your child is permitted to design and construct their project on their own, or with the assistance of family members. Siblings can work together and create one project.

Here are some guiding questions to assist your child with his or her creation that will help stimulate higher-level STEAM thinking?

  • What can your project be used for?
  • What is its purpose?
  • What problem could your project solve?
  • How can you test your project to see if it works?
  • How can you improve your project to make it better?

We hope you enjoy creating McCutcheon’s STEAM family projects this year!

Here are some challenges you can do at home.

(click on the link to download the PDFs)
Paper Workspace Challenge
Windproof Home Challenge
Winter Sledding Ramp Challenge
April STEAM Challenge
Lunch on the Go Challenge
3D Pop-up Book STEAM Challenge
Talk to Me Challenge
May STEAM Challenge
Leaves Everywhere Challenge
Toy Land Challenge
March STEAM Challenge

Recent Achievements

We are proud to share that our students recently placed second in their first-ever CPS/NASCAR STEAM Challenge. This significant milestone has infused them with a new zest for robotics, and we are excited to see where this takes them next. 

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Ms. Whitney

School Psychologist

“Students love going to the STEAM lab to work on creative projects using different materials. A recent highlight was a challenge where they had to design helmets for Nascar auto racing.

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