Welcome Back for 23/24 SY!

Welcome Back for 23/24 SY!

This year we will be working on many academic skills, such as letter and letter sound identification, sight words, reading fluency, addition, subtraction, and many more! 

While creating a culturally responsive environment, we will also focus on incorporating STEAM and SEL (social-emotional learning) into all core subjects. We will be using online resources to practice our math and reading skills. The two programs that we will be using daily are RazKids and STMath. Students may log in to RazKids by going to www.Raz-kids.com, clicking student login in the green box on the upper right side, then entering the teacher username “mccutcheon4”. Students will then see their icon and click on it to enter their password. They should read on the “level up” section and take quizzes after reading each book. 

Students can also work on math practice via STMath. To login to STMath, students will need to go to www.clever.com and click on the QR code. Students will scan their personalized QR code or type in their CPS email and password. Students should work to solve the math problems and have JiJi the Penguin progress to new levels! Both of these online resources are used daily in the classroom so students will be very familiar with logging in to them. 

This year, we will continue to practice safe and sanitary classroom procedures. While CPS will continue to encourage the use of masks, families, and employees will now have a choice about whether or not to wear a mask at school, outside on school property, or a school bus. Please notify me as soon as possible if you believe that your child is not feeling well. If your child will be absent please notify the school clerk, Ms. Gonzalez at  (773) 534-2680.

Please ensure that your child arrives at class on time.  Tardiness interrupts the instructional process and is seriously detrimental to academic success.  Tardy students must enter the school through the main entrance only. Parents should escort students to the main office when they arrive after 9:00 am to get a pass to class to give to the teacher and ensure that attendance is accurately recorded. Tardy will be marked after 9:00 a.m. Students will be dismissed by their teachers at the end of the school day. Parents should pick up their children promptly at 3:45 p.m. unless they participate in afterschool programs.